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Different Juice Means Different Processing Machines

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  Different Juice Means Different Processing Machines


----------------What Exactly Juice Do You Produce------------


When we are talking about juice which is not exactly point the content of juice and how it be processed.


Direct Juice/Fresh Juice: it is pressed or squeezed and processed directly, so the juice is original fresh juice, which is very tasty and fresh.


Juice: Juice first be taken out of water, and can keep long time storage and suitable for transportation, then added again the same water before filling in bottle. No other ingredients are added.


Nectar: It only contains 25-40% of fruit juice. It is filled with more water than was removed from the original juice. And meanwhile, the other ingredients are added.


Full Juice Drink: The drink only contains between 6%-30% fruit juice, and to make it tasty, it will be added more sugar than original fruit juice.


--------------------NFC Fresh Juice---------------------

NFC juice is the fresh juice which processed short time and avoid heating during processing, it is sterilized by pasteurizer which can keep fruit nature flavor and nutrition meanwhile sterilized to ensure shelf life of 40-120 days. No other ingredients are added.


While In China, very few consumers know about NFC juice, and because of high sales price, NFC juice is still the new concept in China. Red Grow feels that it will be the trend in juice industry in future. So we devote to NFC industry, and developed new technology machines.


------------------------ Juice Processing Machines-----------------------

Red Grow will suggest you proper processing machines according to different juice requirement. The final pulp content ratio will be need different machines. You just reply us several questions, we will give you a reliable proposal.


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