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Mango Pulp Processing Machine

Pulping Machine is mainly used for beating the fruit and vegetable, destoning and automatic separating the slag from puree. It is especially suitable for mango, peach or other stone fruits.
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                    Mango Pulp Processing Machine

1. Pulping and Stoning Machine

Pulping Machine is mainly used for beating the fruit and vegetable, destoning and automatic separating the slag from puree. It is especially suitable for mango, peach or other stone fruits.  

Technical Parameter For Stoning And Pulping Machine




Overall size(mm)


















Mango 1.5ton/hour




Mango 1.8ton/hour




mango 3ton/hour




2. High Speed Pulping Machine

High speed pulping machine is suitable for tomato, peach, apricot, mango, apple, kiwi fruit, strawberry, hawthorn etc. fruit and vegetable. The machine has function of pulping, peeling and removing seed and can separate slag from puree.  Customer can choose single pulping machine or double stages of pulping machine according to client requirements. (The sieve hole sizes can be customized) 


It is designed and made after we studied from Italy advanced technology. This high-speed pulping machine is the most advanced technology in China. It has feature of high pulping rate, easy operation and stable performance. 

Technical Parameter Of High-speed Pulping Machine







Sieve hole size mm



Rotation speed(r/m)



Overall size(mm)



3.Cold Pulping Machine

The equipment is widely used to crushing fruit and vegetable and separate slag and

pulp and finally get the pulp. The machine is suitable for producing tomato sauce, strawberry sauce, kiwi fruit sauce, raspberry juice etc.

The traditional processing of fruit is first crush fruit then extract juice. In that case, peel, stalk pulp in seed, pesticide residue, polyphenol oxidase, peroxidase, pectin methylesterase and other ingredients mixed in the juice. The result is it increase difficulties of purifying juice in next procedures. On the other hand the dregs comprehensive utilization encountered trouble.


Feature of Cold Pulping Machine

Cold Puling machine can crush fruit and vegetable, meanwhile separate the peel, stem and fruit seeds which may affect follow-up procedure. So as to achieve high quality fruit juice or pulp, and reduce the application of processing materials. It can improve the use of peel, pulp, fruit residue, fruit seeds and other usage rate of by-product. 

Working Principle

Fruit and vegetable from last procedure in feed to chamber via feed screw. The spiral part pushes material to crushing part. The crushed material is transfered to pulping and separating chamber. Under the high speed of beater and sieve that separate the pulp and slag effectively.  By adjust beater angle, sieve hole size, rotation speed, machine can separate pulp effectively for different fruit and vegetable.


Equipment Structure

Machine consists of frame, infeed transfer system, crushing system, pulping and separating system, electrical system and cleaning system.


Equipment Feature

This machine combines crushing and pulping two in one.  It can separate pulp with other bad substances which may effect pulp quality.  After treatment the fruit polyphenols reduce significantly. And it can reduces the temperature of the purified enzyme and reduce energy consumption, reduce the risk of enzymatic browning, enhance the color value and stability of the product.

Different sieve size according to different material

Compare with traditional processing type, the new technology make color bright, and reduce red tone, the puree quality better.

 greatly reduce the activity of oxidase so you can maintain the natural color of the fruit.

Compared with the hot extraction, the required temperature for enzyme purification is low.

 completely remove the dark spots and effectively reduce the natural brown spots.

effectively reduce pesticide residues.

 reduce the amount of processing in the subsequent process, thereby reducing the product in the device internal dwell time.

After Sales
We can dispatch our engineer to client factory if client want. 
A set of two year spare parts will be provided along with machine. 

1 year warranty. If parts broken in one year under correct operation, we will send the parts to client free and we will pay the courier fee. While if the parts broken by unproper operation in one year, we will send free parts to client, but client will pay courier fee.

Our machines are normally customized, the standard machines like juicer, pulper, crusher may available in stock and can deliver immidiately, while other customized machine need be made according to client requirment. Delivery time is 30-70 days. After goods finish and testing, we will invite you to inspect the machine. And Machines can be delivered in 7-10 days after you approve and sign the test report.

Wooden cases or other simple Package
Since some machines are big and long, we will disassemble the machines before delivery, and the number will be marked for assembling when goods reach client's factory. For example, if one side joint point we mark 1-1, another joint will mark the same 1-1, so that you know the two parts will be jointed together. Becisdes of delivery documents, we will send you a detailed packing list which declear exactly in each container, the wooden case number, and in each wooden case declear the name of machine/model/qty.. It will also mention the spare parts in which wooden case/container/wooden case number etc. Becisdes of that, we also supply equipment layout in container. So that you will not looking for machine or spare parts anywhere.

How We Gurantee The Quality
1. We got ISO9001 Certification and we follow the ISO9001 rules. 
2. The finished machine will be tested and adjusted untill approve qualified before delivery.
3. When we sell our new technology machines, we will sell to one to three of the old customers and after running in 6 months no problem, then we sell to other customers. or else, we will improve the machines untill qualified. The first customer who use the new technology machine will get very good price of machine and meanwhile will get free spare parts for the machine in future. So the client that get is always the matural technology and will use no problem.
4. All the parts we used are good quality, we will not use rabbish parts or material. 

Where are We located

Our Factory is located in Xinqiao industrial park, jinjiang city, Jiangsu Province, China. You can take long-distance bus to Jinjiang city, or we can pick you up in other city where is widthin 3 hours drive. 

Payment Term 
We accept T/T, L/C(irrevocable at sight)
T/T Payment normally 30% down payment, balance 70% paid before delivery.
L/C payment will be 30% down payment by T/T, balance 70% paid by L/C.

About Us

Our factory is mainly making the fruit and vegetable processing machine. The fruit and vegetable can be processed to fruit juice, juice puree, concentrate juice, fruit paste, powder, candied fruit, dehydrate fruit etc. And the the final package can be PET bottle, glass bottle, Can, Aseptic bag, Aseptic tetro pack, pouch, etc. Different fruit/final product means differnt processing machine. We supply turn key project from fruit to juice package.  

Specialist for fruits and vegetable processing line

Red Grow Location

Red grow is located in Jinjiang city, JiangsuProvince, It is  about 2 hours drive from Shanghai. 

You can also take long distance bus to Jinjiang bus station. 
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